Saturday, October 14, 2006

i wish...

that i had my own computer hooked up to the internet. i would so be posting more often. i'm kind of sad about the fact that its been almost a month since i've posted anything. does time pass so quickly? i really don't know.

for a quick run-through of the important things:
  • katie (sarah) came down from kamloops and stayed with us for a week. she's coming back the first of november to stay for awhile. luv her to death.
  • last weekend (the 7th and 8th) was our curcuit assembly and i had a part on the program. dawn and i were talk #3 on the TMS. it was quite a privledge to have a share. i loved it. some people get so nervous on stage, but i have never been that type of person. lol.
  • chris and his parents came up last weekend for the assembly too and they all came to our house for dinner on saturday night. it was my parents first time meeting his parents. crazy...but it was good. they seemed to get along fairly well, which is good. :P
  • on wednesday chris lost his job with chim chimney. so as a surprise he drove up and surprised me with flowers and dinner to celebrate. things had been not so nice with his work for awhile now, so it was a very very good thing that he's not there anymore. he sounds so much happier now. now its just a matter of trusting in jehovah to provide for us, for chris to find a new job. things will be alright. :)
  • work in going well. we lost two more people, so we've been pretty short staffed which means i've been working more. all day on tuesdays and fridays. more money=faster to spokane!
  • i went to the pioneer meeting in spokane the end of last month. it was very nice and encouraging. its amazing having an entire hall full of regular pioneers. 127 to be exact. you can only imagine the singing. pretty loud...pretty incredable. things are looking good for my eventual move to spokane to be part of the sign language group. i'm excited about it.

so life is going well....chris and i are doing great. we learn more and more about each other every day. its a fun process. we've got so many plans for the future and everything. i am so happy.

'till next time...

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