Thursday, August 31, 2006

the long awaited post....

those of you who read my blog regularly have probably noticed that i haven't posted anything of any substance in quite a while. the only excuse i can give is that i've been trying to figure out how exactly to write this out.

i have met the most amazing man....
his name is Chris. we met on may 27th and pretty much knew we were going to be together right then and there. instant chemestry. he's tall, dark, and funny...easy-going, fun to be around, and most of all...he loves Jehovah. we've been dating now for almost 2 months. the whole thing started off really rocky since he's 31 years old and i'm only 20 and still living at home. my parents were not too keen on the whole concept. my dad's still having some issues, but things are better now.

chris and i are so amazingly happy together. he just seems to "get" me. i know it sounds so cliche' and everything...but we just fit. i have never felt this way before about anyone. he makes me feel so special and beautiful and comfortable and safe. i can just be myself around him. and that is quite a special feeling.

we've got to spend a lot of time together lately. he was up in omak working for a couple weeks last month and we've spent weekends together. we went to canada for the summerland folk festival and then he came up for the omak stampede. lots of fun! and then all last week i was down in wenatchee for training through the bank. so i'd spend my days at the bank and my evenings with him. it was a pretty amazing week.

so i finally had a chance to post about my newest blessing. i've got some pictures that i'll post soon of the both of us. i'm just so excited to finally have some real happiness in my life. :)

and chris...i know you're reading this...thank you for finding me. i love you more than words can say.

g'nite all

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  1. I Love You Too. THank You for being patient enough to see past the goofiness that is my external persona. You too are the biggest blessing ive had in quite some time. thank you