Monday, July 17, 2006

so much to say....

so little time.

its been like 10 days since i last posted and so much has happened. on the saturday the 8th jennifer, lyndsey and i went to penticton for the weekend. we has such an amazing time. it was one of those trips that everything worked out just as we had planned. good friends, good times, good memories. i have some great pictures from the weekend too, that i will post when i get a sec. lots of fun on the beach and eating out. crazy, crazy girls!

then on tuesday i headed up to william's lake for kelly's wedding. WHAT A WEEK!!! i really just can't believe that my best friend is married. its got me thinking about a lot of things. been quite an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. my mom was their photographer. she did such an amazing job. i'm going this afternoon after work to get all the pictures put on cd. so after that i'll be able to post some on here. kelly was such a beautiful bride. so amazingly happy....

but for now its back to the daily grind. service and work. speaking of service, it looks like i'm not going to make my time for this year. but i guess now that i've just accepted it i can try and focus on just finding some joy in my ministry instead of making it all about numbers. i hope that new perspective will help.

anyway, that's all i have time for at the moment. hopefully i'll be able to post my pictures soon. :)


  1. glad you had a safe trip home

    twas great to see you at the wedding

    sorry me and cole didnt make it to the gift opening.

  2. yeah, it was so good to see you too. kind of like old time...but new beginnings... know what i mean?

    lots of luv :)