Sunday, April 30, 2006

there was a summer storm last night!

i have been very stressed out about alot of things lately. my family seems to be a constant cause for heartache. but this afternoon was just what i needed. beautiful "summer" weather. hot sun was shining, a soft breeze, good friends, and digging in the dirt. we pulled up and re-planted a butt-load of lillies. what a job! but it was good fun. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. it was good to just get my mind off of my problems.

next weekend i'm going to meet kelly, jeff, crystal (the other bride's maid), tyrell (her husband), and alanna (kelly's little sister) in kelowna to go wedding shopping. we're hoping to find bride's maid dresses and yellow vests for the guys. i'm really excited about it! :) kelly thought that instead of having me drive all the way up there, we'd both drive about 3 hours and meet in the middle. can't wait!

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