Sunday, March 05, 2006

this is my younger sister, megan. how beautiful is she? i can't believe how much she has grown up and how amazing she is. she's going to europeon the 11th of this month for a school trip. how lucky?!! i wish that i could go.

anyway, i'm in summerland right now with the other half of my family. katrina had a skating recital today and so i came up to visit and see that. she did so great. she makes me proud.

friday was my second day working at the bank. my boss put me in the teller window and i was helping cutomers on my second day! i can't believe it! just jump right in, i guess. i still have a LOT of training and stuff to do but it was fun being in the window.

saturday was the dedication of our Kingdom Hall in omak. wow, what a program. there was a lot of history stuff and then a cool slide show of the quick build from back in june, and then our CO gave the actual dedication talk. he is such a good speaker. dawn and her family came for it and she sat with me. it was so nice to see her again, i've really missed her.

anyway, i'm hoping that my pics from the skating thing turn out so that i can post them on here. katrina looked so cute. :)

i'm heading home tomorrow (WORK!! yay) but it was nice to come up for a visit, no matter how short.

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