Saturday, March 11, 2006


things are things, you know? life is life. i am loving my new job. i'm finished with all of my online courses and i get my own cash drawer on tuesday. i'm excited about that. i was thinking about it, and thinking that this is now my career. i am a bank teller. and i think i'm going to be good at it.

so i'm facing a dilema. i don't know what i should do with my hair. april is usually my "do something different" month. i've had my dark hair for a year now, and its really long. i like it a lot, but my roots have grown out a lot lately and i haven't really had any money to get it done. but now my cousin hannah is going to school to be a hair dresser and she can do my hair for really cheap. i just need to decide what to do. at first i was thinking blonde again, but then i saw this picture that looked just like my hair but with chunky blonde streaks in it, and i just loved it. so i don't know what i'm going to do. maybe i should just go blonde; complete change for a new phase of my life. i guess we'll see....

speaking of new phases, i decided that my new job and everything was a good reason to buy a new purse. so i did! yay. (you have no idea how much i LOVE purses. im obsessed! hehe) its like a dark purple leather with lots of compartments and longer straps. very "bankerish." ;) i really like it. i'm having some trouble finding clothes to wear to work, but now i have a perfect purse. :D big smiles :)

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