Tuesday, March 28, 2006

the best weekend
this last weekend was one of the best ones i've had in a long time. my "little brother" nick bell was danny in the play "Grease" at his school. at first i had plans to go with staci and lou, but then that fell through and i could not find another way there. my parents were like: just face it shaina, this time the answer is no. so i spent all day friday moping around. usually i can bo okay if the answer is no, i'm not usually a pouter, but this was just way to imporant to me. i needed to be there. so saturday we went in service and then at like 1:30 my parents were like: okay, let's go to spokane. i was soooooo excited!

his play was AMAZING!! i was so impressed by nick. he is an amazing singer and he can dance his tushie off! it was so nice to spend time with him again. i got to stay the night at his house after the play and we stayed up talking for a bit. it had been way to long since i'd seen him. i just love him so much.

and i love spokane. i NEED to move there asap. it probably won't be for awhile now that i have my new job, but it should be easier to transfer within the wells fargo company.

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  1. HEY BIG SIS! I enjoyed you coming up here. Thanks for all the compliments..you need to come visit especially for floater.