Thursday, February 16, 2006

plans for the weekend

this saturday there is a congregation bible costume party planned. last night i spent a few hours making my costume. i'm going as the shulamite maiden. there are all sorts of people that have been talking about what costumes they're going to wear, which is exciting. parties like that are always better when people dress up, you know?

in other news: i've just finished my two weeks working for lou's dad walt doing construction clean-up at the new behavioral health building in town. wow! that was quite a job. and quite a work-out i might add! ;) the building is really nice. and the guys working there were great. its been fun. i'm sad that the job is done. but walt has hired me permanently to take the place of a recently lost employee. so starting in march i get to clean two buildings on monday nights. that should be interesting. but its work and work means money and money would be nice right now. haha.

anyway, hopefully i'll have some pics of the party to post later. should be fun! :D :D

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