Monday, November 21, 2005

"Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted."

so here is my conversation for today....

my sister shelby is home for a visit from georgia. i haven't seen her since i was 17. it is really nice to have her here, even though she is such a different person. she talks different and walks different...she has her nose pierced. but underneith it all she is just shelby. and i have missed her so terribly. it changes the dynamic between kelsey and i too, having another person in between us. maybe this week will bring us all even closer. i hope so.

this weekend is another party in CANADA!!! i'm hoping that hannah has the weekend off so that jen and i will have a way to get up there. jenny is sooooo excited about going. its a special place for the both of us with great memories. and i'm hoping that we can make some new ones. :D friday night is Light Up in summerland and Kinship is going to perform!!! yay! they are this group of scottish musicians who wear kilts and have an amazing show. i saw them for the first time in smithers at the fall fair when i was younger. i'm really looking forward to their show. i think that i can appriciate it even more now that i'm older. so i'm hoping that everything works out so we can go. *praying* :)

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