Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"The nicest place in all the world is right beside a true friend."

that is why i wanted to post a couple pictures of me and my friends before i scrapbook them.

this is kaelah, jeana and i on saturday morning. arent' we cute?? i always have so much fun with these girls no matter what we do or how long its been since we've seen each other.

this is us at "our place" in Penticton. we were dancing up a storm on friday night in the sweetest little mexican place by the lake that had a dance floor. the music was great!! our favorite was "i will survive" in spanish! we are going to learn the words. we've decided that we're going to have our bachelorette parties there. that could get CRAZY!!

so i got 5 scrapbook pages done this morning. i'm so proud of myself. it was nice to just sit and scrapbook for a few hours. i worked on my most recent pictures from canada and an older one of my mom and I. i found the perfect quote for it too... "they say that i'm a lot like you...I say thanks." how cute is that? well, it fit the picture perfectly. i'm really pleased with all that i got done. i can't wait until i have another day to come in and just sit and scrap. its too bad that i don't have my own place at home to scrapbook. dad said mom and i could turn michael's old room into a craft room, but now the house is for sale, so it seems kind of pointless to decorate and 'move in.' so for now i just scrapbook at the store. which probably means that i spend more $$$ but that's alright. i feel comfortable here. :D

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  1. Hey Shaina! It's me Lory. You look so cute in those pictures! I like your blog! I hope I can come visit you really soon!