Monday, November 14, 2005

i think there is something beautiful about sitting down to type. i wish that i had more of an opportunity, but maybe with my own blog i'll have more incentive. :)
why does my life feel so crazy right now? i don't even have anything "BIG" going on. i feel so rushed. perhaps its just that today is monday. another monday.... today was nice though. i went in service and got to have my study with Jamie. she just makes me smile. :D and i think that she's really enjoying what she's learning. then i got to go to work. its amazing how much i love my job. i love the smell of the scrapbooking paper. i'm a nerd, i know, but i just love everything about this store...the people...the products....making samples...i'm very fortunate. hopefully Paige will be able to keep the store open. it would be such a loss to the community for this store to go.
i'm going to CANADA tonight. my dad is coming to pick me up. i'm really looking forward to spending some time with them. i haven't seen them since august, so its been awhile. i hope i have a nice visit.

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